A Fashion Shoot With Broncolor Lighting

‘Working at Calumet is like being in a toy store’ is what I often hear from customers, and they’re not wrong, we do sell some high quality product and one of the diamonds has to be Broncolor lighting systems. I’ve always been in love with commercial and fashion photography and have been known to dabble in it myself from time to time, so I thought I’d see why they are regarded as one of the top lighting systems in the world with a studio photo-shoot of my own.

Broncolor kindly loaned me a Scoro 3200s pack which has 11 f stops to set the power you need, from 3 joules all the way to 3200 joules. This means it can freeze movement with its speed and precision. They also offer fast recycling time whilst still maintaining its colour consistency, something that is highly desired in the professional world. Together with the Broncolor 222 parabolic, it wraps light like the sun around any subject matter in front of it. Combine that with three Pulso G 3200j heads and you’ve got a pretty powerful set up.


Now I had to plan the photo-shoot itself. I organised for a team to come together, consisting of an agency model, international published stylist and makeup/hair stylist and showcased the product to the Bristol Photographic Society studio group. The three light set up would consist of a key light, being the parabolic, which for me was the star of the show with its evenly spread light source hitting the model perfectly every time. The two other lights were placed directly above the model shooting into umbrellas and back down though translucent lighting fabric, which gave the images a smooth finish. We were limited in shooting time so like any photographer I stressed pre-shoot in regards to whether we’d get the perfect results, but the lighting gave me confidence throughout the day and we wrapped up in no time whatsoever.


Normally when shooting with a new product, it takes time to get used to it, but the security the Broncolor set up gave me and the quality it produced within 10 minutes of setting up was outstanding. The accuracy in colour and the fact every frame was lit beautifully allows for a working photographer to obtain the desired photograph in no time whatsoever. When it came to viewing the images back on the screen, more or less most frames captured were well lit, which although made the task longer when selecting a set, it gave the retoucher plenty to play with.


The name Broncolor may strike fear into people due to its price, but I truly believe any studio photographer, be they shooting portrait or product will not shudder once they’ve tried this quality lighting system. For those who cannot outright purchase the product, (which may be most of us!) then Calumet offers leasing or alternatively interest free credit from time to time across the year, which definitely makes it more affordable.

You can also rent Broncolor gear from Calumet Rental! Please contact your nearest Calumet branch for more details.

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