Canon EOS 700D with 18-55mm Lens Kit Review

The Canon EOS 700D (£469 Calumet Photographic) is a perfect mid to entry Level DSLR with a good range of features, controls and a wonderful articulated touch-screen which makes it quick and easy to change settings. Featuring an 18 million APS-C sized sensor and hybrid focus 9 cross-type AF points system for use in live view or video mode it is a comprehensive camera. The APS-C sized sensor actually has some benefits over the “full frame” ones if you are considering nature photography because all the lenses crop by a factor of x1.4 which means you get closer to the action for less money; Ideal if you are on a constrained budget.

Canon 700D Portrait Quality
Canon 700D 18-55mm Portrait Quality

The kit version is supplied with an 18-55mm F3.5 – 5.6 lens that is image stabilised and uses the newest (STM) stepper motor. This new motor is very fast and totally silent, unlike the old USM lenses which made noise during video mode. This kit lens is certainly a major step-forward from the old 18-55mm non-IS lenses Canon once supplied with their cameras.

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm

The screen is side hinged and can be viewed from a multitude of angles. A good trick I found is that when taking a”selfie” you rotate the screen to point towards the yourself, the camera automatically enters Live View mode. The quality of the screen is excellent, colour, contrast & brightness are superb. The touchscreen is fairly responsive & the interface is easy to use.  The 700D is a major improvement over the 350D, enabling more freedom to experiment with settings quickly such as TV, AV & M modes.

Rory Lewis Photographer (Selfie) Taken with the 700D.
Rory Lewis Photographer (self portrait) shot with Canon EOS 700D.

The camera has a live view function, can autofocus in live view. This is a real treat on an SLR as it enables some additional creativity during composition but it is not a replacement for the viewfinder. The Canon EOS 700D takes full HD video, full 1080dpi. You can view a sample of the video quality on Canon’s website.  You will be able to capture a few hours onto a 32GB card. Just ensure you have a fast enough card, I recommend 45mbps SD Cards. One of the main problems with the earlier models was the noise caused by the lens motor during shooting. The as mentioned earlier new STM lenses alleviate this problem by having near-silent stepper motors. I would still recommend a microphone for recording sound, either Rode or Sennheiser.

Overall the Canon EOS 700D is a very creative, versatile piece of kit at the top end of Canon’s amateur EOS DSLR range. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone wanting to take photography fairly seriously but can’t yet warrant spending thousands on a professional body.


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