Sensor Cleaning


Sensor dust occurs naturally and can’t be avoided. Professional photographers  use their DSLR cameras almost everyday, changing lenses and caps regularly can cause dust to accumulate over time.

In the old days when photographers used mechanical cameras it was common to have the camera serviced every few years, to clean, adjust the shutter assembly to ensure accuracy and lubricate parts of the lens – this was called a CLA (clean, lubricate and adjust). A CLA kept cameras in tip top condition, on the other hand modern Digital SLRs don’t require a CLA, shutters are electronically timed, and no general lubrication is required. 

0430-Sensor-cleaning-page-clean-250The situation with a Digital SLR is different, since dust and dirt can contaminate the camera’s sensor, it seems like DSLR sensors are like magnets for dust! Dust tends to show up at narrow apertures, so if you always shoot at f1.8 you may never notice it. Too much dust can cause your photos to look flat even if you don’t see the individual specks. If you want to see how much dust is on your sensor, set your camera to its narrowest aperture (f22 or in that region) and take a picture of a white surface. If you see dark spots on your images, which you suspect come from dust and dirt, remember the following – it’s 99% certain there are dust particles sitting on the front of the filters that cover the camera sensor.

If this is the case, it wreaks havoc on all your images, that’s why it is of the utmost importance that you have your sensor cleaned on a regular basis. 

Calumet Photographic offers a comprehensive sensor cleaning service nationwide at all of their stores. With a team of specialists trained to provide a quick turnaround sensor cleaning service. You can opt for a same day or next day service. 

It is important to have your sensor cleaned every three months to ensure your camera’s optimal performance. After all as a photographer you invest a great deal in equipment it is vital to maintain it.

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