Carry On… Travelling Light


When travelling, it can be difficult (for some of us) to curb how much we want to take along and it’s doubly difficult as a photographer to set a limit on all the gear that just possibly might be needed -but probably not – I’ll kick myself if I don’t take it… we’ve all been there!

Add to the equation the latest trend in air travel of the seat plus hand luggage fare – even legacy carrier British Airways started offering discounted fares on short flights out of London – and our decisions need to be stricter than ever. Whilst this is great news for our wallets it does require a bit of time to plan our kit and importantly which is the best bag to use that will definitely fit in the gauge at the gate.

Calumet comes to the rescue with our handy quick guide* for airlines that fly out of the UK’s hand baggage allowance. The chart tells you which of the most popular camera bags can be confidently taken aboard aircraft without breaching size restrictions**.


Our guide includes Lowepro, Manfrotto, and Calumet dimensions. Our advice is to also take note of weight constraints that could be imposed by airlines and to keep your valuable equipment on board with you at all times.

Click here for a PDF version of the current guide.

*For guidance only. Verify with the airline before travel to assure adherence to baggage policy.

**Correct at time of publishing (Feb 2015)

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