Travel Photography Guide

Travel photography grants the opportunity to capture and represent the world around us in a unique and fascinating way. We’ve all seen pictures of places that have left us in awe; there’s almost nothing that can compete with Earth’s natural beauty or our greatest cities and settlements.


If you’re keen to specialise in travel photography, the flexibility of a modern DSLR will put you on the right track.  NikonCanon and Sony all have great options with a wide array of accessories and lenses. You’ll also want to find the perfect lens for those sweeping wide-angle shots. The high performance Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II gives you excellent flexibility, zooming from ultra-wide to wide angle so you can frame your image exactly how you see fit. There’s also the popular Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G, which is incredibly wide, sharp and fast so you can shoot no matter how light or dark
the scene.


Travel photographers embody the culture of exploration, seeking out new perspectives and places for amazing images. It’s crucial to think ahead and be prepared with all the accessories you might need. Here are five items you won’t want to forget:

1. Extra memory – you don’t want to have to choose between ending the day early or deleting some shots to clear room on your memory card.


2. Extra batteries – always bring one more than you think you’ll need; perhaps you forgot to charge a battery or cold weather is making them drain quickly.

3. A tripod – we like having a proper tripod, but even a small portable tripod will let you shoot earlier or later in the day as light starts to fade, which is often when you can get the best shots.


4. Rain gear – consider a rain cover if you want to shoot in all sorts of weather, but at the very least have a rain-proof bag in case you get caught in unexpected weather.

5. Polarising filters – nothing adds depth to your skies like a polarising filter. It’s an effect that can’t be recreated in Photoshop later.


Calumet has all the equipment and accessories to help you enter the exciting world of landscape photography. Our experts are available in stores across the UK, online or via phone to help you capture that perfect shot you’ve been dreaming of.

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