Max Ellis recommends gear for wildlife photography

Max Ellis was announced as the winner of our Sum up 2016 photo competition earlier in the year and is a keen wildlife photographer. He’s particularly into capturing woodland animals, making photos of stags his trademark feature.


We recently got in touch with Max to have a chat about what gear he uses for his wildlife photography.

I pretty much always have my Nikon D4 on me when I’m out shooting which is my favourite camera. I also usually bring my Nikon D810 along as I find it’s extra pixels make for better crops.

Nikon D810

When it comes to lenses my go for quick shooting is a 20mm which is light and fast. I also use a 16-35mm f4 which is a bit slower but it covers a much wider area. I also ensure that I have either a 70-200mm or a 80-400mm lens on me for when I can’t, or don’t, want to be too close to my subject. 

It may surprise a lot of people but I don’t tend to use a tripod for field work as I am always on the move. I have a Joby Gorillapod which gives me the support I need when I’m shooting video, and I do have a Manfrotto Carbon Fibre tripod with a pro 3 way head which I take with me when I know I won’t be travelling to far on foot.

If you’re interested in learning more about wildlife photography then check out our latest guide which is full of tips and tricks on how to get the perfect wildlife shot.

Are you a wildlife photographer? If you think you have a winning wildlife image then now’s your chance to enter it in our Wildlife Calumet Gallery competition which is running throughout June.

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