Hands On With DJI’s Mavic Pro Drone by Jey Luxmanan.

Jey is a part time photographer and videographer based in London. He also works as a sales associate in our Drummond Street store.

Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and invest in the DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone. I opted for the combo kit which came with extra batteries and propellers as I knew I’d be taking it on long days out and trips abroad.

When the drone arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement! Even in the box the drone looked amazing, being neatly and beautifully packaged along with all its accessories.

With 4.3 miles of transmission range, flying at up to 40 miles per hour able to record true 4K video, the Mavic Pro is the height of engineering in our day and age! It is phenomenal the amount of technology that is in the little device that weighs under a kilo!

mavic pro

I’m a photographer first and foremost and this being my first drone, I can say that I am in no way disappointed. I love the fact that it is so small and light that I can carry it anywhere I go and it easily folds away in bag when going on flights. The 4K footage that it records is truly stunning and with 12MP pictures, you can’t go wrong!


I also love the app that is available to download onto your phone or tablet. It allows you to view in real-time what the drone is filming and it also allows you to record and take photos from the palm of your hand. When you load the app up you are also presented with a live map and you can choose which spot you would like the drone to fly to! As a first-time drone flyer I got to grips with the drone and the app on my first flight and found it incredibly easy to use.

With the drone being so small it counteracts the wind and the stabilised footage is just bliss! It also comes loaded with an obstacle avoidance system which helps immensely, especially when starting out! The Mavic Pro is a drone for everyone! It can be enjoyed by pros and hobbyists alike and I couldn’t recommend it more!


Check out my first flight over Dorset to see just how smooth this drone is at capturing incredible 4K footage.



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