Tell her she’s beautiful.

Anna Nowocinska, a self-taught photographer based in Warsaw, Poland started her project back in 2011. The ‘Home Edition’ series aims to capture women in their home environment; somewhere they feel safe. Somewhere they can fully immerse themselves in their own thoughts, not worrying about what goes on around them. The black and white portraits are usually taken in the comfort of their own homes or home interiors meticulously chosen for the shoot.


Elusive moments, intimate atmosphere, sensual glances – Anna’s portrait style is very distinctive.


Her shots are always pleasantly unreal, making all the women she photographs look like high-end agency models.

17200564_1245641502155697_808054935_oOn a rare occasion, she’ll shoot a model that is not well known, an artist or an actress, but most of the times her subjects are regular women.


Anna’s work has been published in Polish lifestyle magazines and numerous blogs.


You can see more of Anna’s work on her Instagram.




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