5 best photography spots in Birmingham.

Team Calumet recommends. 5 best photography spots in Birmingham.

If you’re in Birmingham this weekend for The Photography Show, we thought it would only be a good idea to give you some interesting pointers as to where to go to test your newly purchased gear. There’s no point buying new gear if you can’t test it straight away?!

We’ve asked our Birmingham store team to recommend the best, most photogenic spots in central Birmingham. Here’s the compiled list.

  1. The Selfridges building


The Selfridges building (part of the Bullring Shopping Centre). Since its construction, the building has become an iconic architectural landmark winning numerous architectural awards. The building’s organic shape and reflective façade makes it a perfect subject for a spot of architectural photography. This curvy building is covered in 15000 anodised aluminium discs mounted on a blue background making it look as if it was covered in giant metal mesh. Quite a challenge to capture the whole building. Or maybe you’d rather focus on some reflections?

2. The Library of Birmingham

library    Photo by Philip Pankhurst

The Library of Birmingham is supposedly the 10th most often visited tourist attraction in the UK, so why not check it out yourself? Its layered design with blue and gold colours alternating on the façade of the building make a stunning subject to photograph. You can also go to the top of the building – a viewing terrace to try and take some cityscape shots.

3. The Canal, Brindleyplace

canal    Photo by Jeremy Bolwell

The Canal, especially by Brindleyplace. This past industrial area was revitalised with the aim of creating an environment with water features, walkways and leisure buildings. All this creates a picturesque cityscape theme ideal to be shot with any tilt shift or wide angle lenses.

4. The bull statue

bullPhoto by Paul Walker

We couldn’t have not mentioned the bull statue outside the Bullring Birmingham (which links to the Selfridges building we mentioned above). This 6-tonne bronze statue is twice the life size of a bull and again is a very popular landmark among Birmingham’s visitors.

5. The Council House

birmingham-council-buildingPhoto by Gavin Warrins

The last recommendation must be the Council House. Built in second half of 19th century, currently houses Birmingham’s City Council’s offices. Cascading stairs and beautiful fountain attract not only tourists who are looking for a spot to relax before they head off for more sightseeing, but most of all it is a very well-known photographic spot for all wanting to practice their architectural composition skills.

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