Capture More photo competition winner revealed.

Our Capture More photo competition for our upcoming Spring Open Days finished at midnight on February 23rd. We’d like to thank everyone who entered (we had a staggering number of over 400 entries!) and congratulate all the entrants on their high level of skill and artistry presented this year. We are amazed to see that our competition was so popular among photographers and voting audience. This time around we were looking for the best picture capturing a fleeting moment, an emotion or a feeling, because that’s what photography is all about. It’s about freezing volatile moments that hold memories, and evoke feelings.

Let’s have a look at the winner and the two runners-up. We asked them to tell us their story behind the image and what gear they used to capture these unique moments.

Andy Gregory – winner


I have entitled the image ‘Homeward Bound’, it was taken at the beautiful Aquila Private Game Reserve in South Africa (see Along with my fiancée Joanne, I recently headed out to Cape Town to spend two amazing weeks there.

The late afternoon sun was low to the left of me and the shot was taken with my second-hand Canon EOS 10D camera with a 70-300mm Tamron lens and the settings were 1/125sec, f5.6, 70mm focal length, ISO100.


Jane Hodges – 1st runner-up


The image was taken at Lordington Lavender Farm in the South Downs, not too far from Chichester, West Sussex. Me and a friend drove down and spent the morning at the farm which all in all is about an acre in size. There were a lot of people there, and trying to get a good shot without people proved nearly impossible, but I eventually managed to take this shot that proved to be one of the best shots I took that day.

The shot was taken with my trusty Canon 70D with an EF 24-70 f2.8 II USM lens. The settings were 30mm focal length, f6.3, 100 ISO at 1/200 sec shutter speed.


David Nichol – 2nd runner-up


The image was taken on the Isle of Mull in April last year in a place called Bunessan.  Together with my friends we had been out for a drive looking for a suitable place to take some photos when the sky exploded in this deep orange. The boat you can see on the horizon is a Lighthouse Service ship that had moored up for the night. Mull is a beautiful part of the world and is great for photographers.

I shot the photo on my Canon EOS 550D using a hired 24-70 lI USM F/2.8 lens. The settings were f16 at 20 sec, ISO 100 at 70mm. I loved how the ship sat on the horizon set against the sky and silhouettes of the cliffs.

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