Owen De Visser’s gear choice for food photography.

We have asked Owen, what equipment kit he’d recommend to help you take the best food photography shots. The following list is his personal set he goes for.


Canon 6D – full frame camera, with excellent low light capabilities.


Canon 100mm L Macro Lens – luxury glass, incredible build quality & 100mm focal length for distortion-free images.


Manfrotto 190 Tripod with Ball Head – perfectly stable, and capable of minor adjustments.

Lowepro Camera Bag – carries all my 4 lenses, body & a flash gun.

On the particular food shooting with Zandiya, he also used lighting and colour management accessories.

If you’d like to take part in #CalumetGallery photo challenge, but do not have all the gear you need, you can always rent it from us. Calumet Rental gives you fantastic opportunity to aid your shooting with all the necessary equipment at a reasonable price.

Owen has joined The Calumet Team Birmingham last year. If you want to see Owen’s artwork, take a look at his:

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