Get Inspired For Our #CalumetGallery Challenge.

If you are in need of some inspiration for our #CalumetGallery Challenge Competition, get inspired with Owen De Visser below!

Opposite my house, in the bohemian suburb of Moseley, an old bakery has lay dormant for 7 years. A couple of half-hearted attempts to revive the business failed, and the view from my window has been routinely drab.

So, after the best part of a decade of staring at graffiti-smothered hoarding, I was delighted to find that this old bakery shop was reopening – and turning into an Indian street-food & cocktail bar! Zindiya was now my new local hangout.


I have done a few shoots of food photography for some local food magazines (I Choose Birmingham and Dine Birmingham), and have always tried to use natural light to get the best results.

However, when ‘I Choose’ contacted me about this – the most local of projects – the restaurant interior was still being fitted, and with no outside space available, natural light was out of the question on this occasion.

As a result, I was very glad to have hired a couple of Limelite Mosaic LED panels, with diffusers on both. Having a strong, consistent light source makes live changes to the food and drink shots a breeze, and the camera screen gives a very accurate representation of the final image – and thus, fills the client with trust in the photographer. The LEDs stayed relatively cool and did not have any adverse heating effects on the ice-heavy Gin & Tonic or fresh fruit.


For perfect colour matching I used X-Rite’s Passport Colorchecker, which made a considerable difference to a white card-only balanced image, and kept editing down to minutes for the whole shoot.

Owen has joined The Calumet Team Birmingham last year. If you want to see Owen’s artwork, take a look at his:

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