Capture More photo competition – Team Calumet picks their personal favourites.

Our Capture More photo competition, launched earlier this year, is well under way. For the spring edition of our widely popular Open Days we are looking for the best photo capturing fleeting moments. The number of entries has already exceeded our expectations and the level of photographic skills is truly exceptional! If you still haven’t, head here to see all the entries and to vote for your favourites. To present a small selection of some beautiful moments captured on photos to you, we have asked a few members of The Calumet Team to pick their personal bests.

Zane’s choice


‘Why this shot by Ian Tilley is my personal favourite? You can really hear the silence of this image and it’s comforting.’

Anna’s choice


‘For me capture more means capturing not only a fine detail or a fast motion but most importantly, the atmosphere. This black and white photo by Jax MacKenzie did just that. A bit mysterious, a bit unsettling, evoking the atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry, this image makes you stop and wonder about the times gone by, the peoples’ stories, the whys… The little silhouette on the bottom right hand side only magnifies the impression, making you want to localise the place and discover the building’s history.’

Nick’s choice


‘My favourite entry so far is Vivienne Beck’s birds. Vivienne has perfectly caught the moment of a mother bird feeding her children and has framed it so that your eye is drawn straight to the action. The colours of the birds stand out beautifully over the green bokeh background, and I especially love the range of colours that you can see in the mother’s wings. I’d love to know how long it took her to get this photo!’

Julie’s choice


‘This photo by Raymond Jp Watson is my favourite pic that stood out as soon as I saw it. It captures a moment in time perfectly and paints a very happy picture of these girls having fun! I’m not sure if it’s some kind of obstacle course with the log behind them, but it’s a superb shot that shows they don’t care they’re up to their eyes in mud.’

Hannah’s choice


‘I like monochrome/urban pictures in general… but I love the angle Jo Hannes took it at and the fact that the train on the track is the focus point, with everything else around it keeping your eyes busy. Also, I really like the exposure and contrast of it, giving it the effect of a dreary city.’

Laurence’s choice


‘This landscape photo by Ronald Stokes is by far my personal favourite, simply because landscape photography is my favourite genre. In this image I really like the contrast of colours and the reflections on the water.’

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