Meet Matt Hart. The Lighttraveler.


Matt Hart is a Liverpool based, black and white photographer passionate about street photography. Over the years he’s mastered the skill of letting the world carry on around allowing him to become virtually invisible while working on his street photography projects.

Calumet: How did you get into photography and what sparked your passion?

Matt Hart: I was given a camera at about 8 years old, I was Dyslexic so immediately connected with photography and have been addicted to photography ever since.

C: Where did you train to be a photographer?

MH: I am completely self-taught! I started at 8 years old using film which was a steep learning curve but a fantastic way for me to learn.

C: Where do you find inspiration?

MH: My inspiration came from my parents’ black and white photos they used to take of each other. Also, the books by David Bailey and Michael Boys were a huge inspiration for me.


C: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

MH: In 5 years’ time, I hope to be traveling a lot more than I am now and spending much more time shooting for myself. I will still be working as a photographer but doing a lot less.

C: What equipment do you shoot with?

MH: I am a Fujifilm Ambassador and use the Fujifilm X System for all my photography work.

C: What is in your bag on a photo shoot?

MH: I carry the Fujifilm X-Pro2 for most of my Street Photography with the 23mm or 16mm lens and back that up with the Fujifilm X-T2 with 90mm or 35mm lenses. I carry spare batteries and power pack for my iPhone and iPad. I travel very light. Sometimes I just go out without a bag and just take the XPro2 with a battery in my pocket.

C: How do you work with natural light?

MK: Living in the UK we have some serious flat light low contrast days and these are not great for my style. I prefer high contrast days for street with lots of interesting shadows. As a street photographer I am always on the lookout for light composition and the perfect moment.


C: Your work is amazing, what do you look for when taking a photo?

MH: It’s all about the moment for a street photographer. I spend most of my time walking miles and miles looking out for the moment that the light composition and moment come together.

C: Which photography genre is your favourite, the one you can easily say is your strength ?

MH: I have shot just about everything over the years but I am known around the world for my Street Photography.

C: Your work is very distinctive, what would be your dream assignment if you could do anything at all?

MH: I have my dream job to be honest – I love what I do! But a paid commission to shoot the people of Venice would be a dream location for me.

C: Have you ever been published and where?

MH: I used to shoot Stock Photography so my images have been used all over the world in all types of publications. I have also had many images and articles in the photography press. This year I have my first Exhibition for the Hull City of Culture starting the 1st of September in the Hipp Gallery Hull.

Matt hosts a number of seminars at Calumet Academy. If you’d like to learn how to become invisible while doing a street photography shoot, sign up for one of Matt’s courses here.

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