Luke Woodford’s Calumet Brand Review

Calumet Pro Series 1330 Large Backpack

luke-woodford-2I have three Calumet brand products which have been used extensively but the Calumet Pro-Series 1330 Large Backpack has been used the most. It’s literally been around the world! I love how innovative Calumet’s products are, without being unnecessarily and pointlessly fancy, everything within this bag has a good use.

Apart from the obvious – main camera gear in the main compartment and MacBooks in the back – I put drinks in the outer side pockets, attach a tripod to the front, memory cards fit nicely inside one of the smaller zipped pockets and other random bits and bobs in the front. I just love how useful it is and I also love how comfortable it is. I’ve crammed this bag as full as it could possibly be and once upon my back the weight is surprisingly manageable. The last thing I’d like to mention is how durable it is, that’s the main constant that I noticed with all three products I’m reviewing. My gear does get put through its paces when travelling, visiting abandoned buildings, shooting in strange places and they all really hold up so well. This backpack is the perfect bag for all types of photographers but if you travel a lot it will really shine. This is the best bag I’ve ever owned without a doubt.

Calumet RC2065 Rolling Camera Case Plus

lw-rolling-caseThe RC2065 rolling camera case has come in so handy for me when shooting or travelling with lots of gear, mainly my phantom 3 that does need a suitable base and you can arrange the compartments to accommodate practically anything. The things I like about this case are much in the same as the backpack. It’s just so simply useful and well designed. When it comes into its own is when travelling abroad. If you travel with no frills airlines a lot, the RC2065 is a great choice. Please note though – you will get stopped when you fly by airline staff because they won’t believe it fits. It looks so big due to the front compartment but it does fit when nothing is in the front part. At first thought you may think it could be annoying being asked every time but the big plus to this is that you can fit so much in without having to pay for hold luggage, if you travel a lot then this can save you a lot of money and also, it’s quite satisfying proving airport staff wrong! 😉 One time we went away and didn’t need much gear so the camera stuff went in the backpack and all of our clothes in the case. If it wasn’t so cleverly designed to fit so much then again, we would have had to pay for hold luggage. I know I’m repeating myself but like the backpack, I must stress how durable this product is. I’ve put it though its paces, and beyond, it’s still and in fantastic condition, it’s so robust. A must have product if you carry lots of gear and/or travel a lot.

Calumet Video Tripod and Fluid Head Kit

lw-video-tripod-fluid-headThe Calumet video tripod and fluid head kit, like the other two products, is very well designed. The panning is so smooth, it’s a joy to use. It’s not the lightest tripod in the world but it is so strong and that’s what is important, it is such good value for money for what you get with this piece. If you’re using your gear for serious work then you need gear that you can rely on not to fail, and this certainly won’t. It’s got lots of ways you can tweak it to how you like to use the head depending on the sensitivity you desire. The spirit level is a lovely touch when you’ve had a long day shooting and your mind is playing tricks that your horizon isn’t straight.

Rounding up all three, I was so genuinely happy with all products. I was impressed and excited from the moment I opened the boxes and that didn’t lessen over the months I’ve used them. I feel like a lot of photography products are designed by people who don’t really understand what the photographer needs and Calumet are different. I feel like the designers know exactly what each product does and needs to make every photographer happy and content. In my eyes Calumet are the true future in photography/filmmaker supplies. I’m so glad I got to test these three, its been a complete joy and I’m sure I’ll be using them in the years to come.

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