A Return To Shooting Film

Calumet customer Andrew Atkinson has recently taken up shooting with film once again. Andrew has written this post for Calumet about his journey back to film.


The world seems to be speeding up every day, it seems we demand our cameras to have faster auto focus, better metering and cameras that can produce perfect images straight out of the camera.

I’ve shot digitally for many years and would get home after a shoot and impatiently want to download and process the images.  This changed my thought process and how I visualized an image, knowing that I could change things in post processing. This was sending me in a direction that I wasn’t comfortable with.

AndrewAtkinson-1-5Then I had the opportunity about 18 months ago to purchase a medium format film camera. To be honest haven’t looked back since, and it has had a positive impact on how I work.  I take fewer images, and spend more time thinking about composition even before taking my camera out of its bag.  Having no auto focus or built in meter slows me down and makes me think more about the process of getting a great image.

I shoot mainly B&W and it wasn’t long before I started to think about going back to processing my own film. To be honest I did it years ago and didn’t really enjoy it, however needs must as the cost soon mounts up sending films to a lab.  I purchased all the equipment I required including a very large changing bag, as I didn’t have the space to set up a darkroom. This was fine to start with but wasn’t the easiest way to load films, especially when I had more than one to process.

I started investigating what other options where out there and came across some changing tents. I was quite shocked at the cost of the leading brand, priced at £200 plus. Luckily I found an own brand Calumet changing room for less than £60 so ordered it and found it to be perfect.  It’s now much easier to load films, as I don’t have to search around like I did with the bag.

I would say film has enhanced my photographic experience and the images I produce.  I even enjoy processing my own films, which I never thought I would say.


You can see more of Andrew’s work at www.andrewatkinson.co.uk

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