Introducing the Fujifilm X-T2 – Our First Impressions

It feels like yesterday that the office was abuzz with rumours that Fujifilm was about to make a huge announcement that would shake up its camera range. No one knew what to expect, just that something very special was on its way! Two and a half years and countless awards later the X-T1 still stands as one of the top end CSC cameras on the market, and a go to camera for many professional photographers.

It’s no surprise then that over the past year the internet has been awash with rumours, hopes and general noise around the X-T1’s successor. With Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II and Nikon’s D5 releases earlier this year everyone’s eyes have been on Fujifilm, waiting for the Japanese photography giant to announce their next big flagship.

This week that wait ended, Fujifilm announced the X-T2 to the world and we got hands on with the X-T1’s impressive successor.


The first thing you’re going to notice when looking at the X-T2 is that it looks very similar to its predecessor which is going to make it feel very familiar to owners of the X-T1. It also features the same 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor as introduced with the X-Pro2. As with that model the X-T2 continues without the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF). By eliminating the filter, the resolving power of FUJINON lenses is maximised to deliver images comparable to a larger, higher resolution sensor.

One of its most notable features for videographers is that this is the first X Series camera to be able to record in 4K video. It supports high video bitrate recording of 100Mbps for both 4K and full HD video, enabling high-resolution footage with minimal compression artefacts.

_original (6)

The X-T2 is also incredibly quick with a start-up time of just 0.3 seconds, a shooting interval of 0.17 seconds, and a shutter release time lag of 0.045 seconds. It has an improved frame rate of 14.0 fps (with the Electronic Shutter), 8.0 fps (with the Mechanical Shutter) and 11.0 fps (with the Mechanical Shutter and when fitted with the also newly announced VPB-XT2 vertical grip).

_original (3).jpg

The number of focusing points has been expanded from 49 in previous models to 91 (up to 325 points). The AF-C algorithm has been significantly improved for even higher accuracy when focus-tracking moving subjects in the AF-C mode, and the X-T2’s blackout time is less than half of that of the X-T1 due to the parallel processing of Live View display and fast shutter charging. This gives continuous shooting of 5fps in Live View.

It also comes with a dual SD slot which is now expected as standard for cameras of this calibre, and the rear LCD screen is the X Series first three-directional tilting display, perfect for tilting up and down when shooting in landscape and upward when shooting in portrait.

_original (4).jpg

Earlier in the week our Bristol store manager Andy was lucky enough to get hands on with the XT-2! Take a look at our unboxing video of the impressive new addition to Fujifilm’s X Series.

You can get hands on with the X-T2 at our free Fujifilm Experience Days, book onto an event near you!

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