Show Us Your Close Encounter – Photography Competition

We’re about half-way through the Encounter More Open Days competition to find a photograph that encompasses a “Close Encounter” to be the image of our renowned Autumn Open Days.  Some of our bloggers have taken a look at the entries so far and have chosen their favourites and why…


Andy’s Choice
“I feel the use of framing and composition really bring the story of being there right to the viewer. The low saturation post processing is a nice added touch, muting the colours around the subject, which leads the viewer straight to the tiger, cancelling out any distracting features at the location. But the key moment for me would be the tiger with its mouth wide open, as you are looking into the mouth of this beautiful wild beast, and that for me is truly a ‘close encounter.’”


Nick’s Choice
“The roaring Lion by Derek Gobbett is my favourite entry so far and it seems to be proving popular with the votes too. The softness of the background really brings the lion to the forefront of this photo giving him all of our attention. I love how much detail you can see in the lions face from each individual tooth to the range of different colours that make up his mane.”


Lyn’s Choice
“Thinking of the brief of a “close encounter”, I appreciate the physical closeness demonstrated in Siyuan Yu’s image. I also like the lighting, which is similar to the fresh and ethereal light used in images by some of my favourite fashion photographers, but put to good use here. As with all good portraits, I feel drawn to the eyes where I really like the catchlight.”

However, the winning photograph is not our choice – it’s up to you! Vote for your favourite photographs right here. Plus, share the competition on Twitter to receive a code for 10% off Calumet brand items online.

It’s not too late to enter the competition yourself! Upload your close encounter and be in with the chance of winning £250 Calumet Gift Cards and have your image represent Calumet’s Open Days. The winning image will proudly be seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors to Calumet stores and our website. When you’ve uploaded your entry, don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers to collect those all important votes!


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