An Afternoon at Silverstone with Manfrotto

We were recently invited to Silverstone for the afternoon by the Manfroto team to get hands on with some of their new and exciting products, including Yuneec Drones, Nilox Cameras and the Digital Director.

The first product we were shown was the Digital Director which was hooked up to a Nikon D5300. Since first hearing about the Digital Director I had always been keen to see it in action and find out what sort of advantages hooking your iPad up to your DSLR gives you.  After just a few minutes it was evident just how useful the Digital Director is to photographers. Being able to control your camera in awkward or difficult to reach positions and conveniently control it remotely, set up camera parameters from the iPad screen, control lights via Bluetooth, hook up to apple TVs and showcase your images, and instantly share your images online are just a few a handful of the useful features that this device presents to photographers.


Being a keen skier I was intrigued to find out about the Nilox action cam range. What I loved about these cameras were the amount of options that you can chose from. They range from the Mini Up which is water resistant up to 30m and records videos at up to 30 FPS, up to the impressive EVO 4K which comes with an LCD removable touch screen and records in stunning 4K. I was also very impressed that each camera comes with everything you need to get out and start filming straight away. All models come with a waterproof case, remote control, adhesive holder, mounting kit and a 4GB micro SD card in the box.


The real show stoppers however, were the drones. We got to see the Q5004k up close and although we weren’t allowed to fly it, we got to do the next best thing, control it via a virtual simulation. At first look the remote looked extremely complicated but after just a few minutes I was able to easily fly the drone up, down, left, right and even land it without toppling it over.


We also got to test out the 3 axis precision gimbal, connected to an iphone 6. After running around the room and shaking the device around, the video was constantly kept still when in lock mode demonstrating the quality of footage you could capture when it’s attached to a drone that is flying around in all directions.


Thanks to the Manfrotto team for an exciting and insightful afternoon.

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