Manfrotto LED Lighting “In My Kit Bag”

LED lighting is evolving. For those not already familiar with it I would suggest the new Lykos range from Manfrotto, is worth investing in.

This latest offering from Manfrotto has the portability and power that really is ideal for many applications!!


Two panels are currently available in this Lykos line, the bi-colour (@1m Daylight:1500lux Tungsten:1300lux) and a daylight (1600lux@1m) option. The feature that got me interested was Bluetooth connect ability that links up the light and my iOS devices. Up to three units can be connected allowing individual control or as a group. To use this, the light needs the additional bluetooth dongle (purchased separately) to be able to take remote control from your iOS device.


The app to control the light is free to download, search for in the app store for Manfrotto Lykos. Check to your iOS device has the most recent update to be able to work with the Manfrotto app.


As you can see from the rear images the device accepts Sony batteries allowing you to work free from wires. Working wirelessly is important for me for a number of reasons including maintaining a small footprint.

Supplied “in the box” is everything to get you going with three diffusion panels, clear, full cut CTO and 1/4 CTO for converting to tungsten or warming up your light source and a power supply to mains.

Why you need this piece of kit?
Are you shooting events, interiors or video in low light? The kit by itself or in a group will be ideal for all that and more. The size of the unit versus its output make this highly usable and portable. The output from the Manfrotto Lykos with the diffusion panel is perfect for many lighting situations where you need a lift in lighting without increasing your kit bag significantly.

My preferred way to work with LED is positioning the unit close to the subject, when working with LED panels I generally prefer a slightly flatter pitch as this produces a soft light with less drop off than a front on setup.


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