Calumet 3x HDSLR Foldable Viewfinder Review

Calumet’s 3x HDSLR foldable viewfinder, is a professional LCD Viewfinder designed for use with DSLR cameras. The loupe provides an extremely 3x clear magnified view of your camera’s LCD especially when shooting video in daylight conditions.

This week, I had the chance to have a good play with the Viewfinder, and I have found it a very useful tool, it is made to fit all Digital SLR cameras and is fully adjustable. The viewfinder is a snug fit on my Canon 700D, and really makes the camera look the part.

The viewfinder isn’t glued to the LCD, it is mounted via a base that allows for fast removal of the viewfinder with a quick release mounting plate, and comes with a handy lanyard to wear the viewfinder around your neck.

Often, a DSLR camera’s small built in LCD screen makes focusing and reviewing footage difficult. This viewfinder’s 3.0x magnification loupe is a helpful resource during any video shoot, providing an extremely clear view of the LCD which enables precision focusing and depicting depth of field easily.

Calumet Foldable LCD DSLR Viewfinder

The viewfinder has a flip eyepiece so you can quickly revert to using the LCD screen, this is something many other viewfinders do not feature. On some models you need to remove the viewfinder to change settings. It also provides deep shade for the screen and makes it easier to see in bright daylight. Viewing footage becomes a breeze even in direct sunlight. The eyepiece also has a fully adjustable focus ring.

Calumet Foldable LCD DSLR Viewfinder
£ 125.00

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