Backing Up Your Workflow

There are few photographers who can claim they haven’t at one time or another accidentally deleted an image or lost an important file. Many of us can be either too lazy, too tired after a photoshoot or lack the experience to realise that bad things can happen.  This prevents us from doing the obvious thing; to ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK!

G-Tech G-Drive (Gen 6) 4TB Professional External Hard Drive Item: 999-846K Mfr: GT-GDREG6EB40001BDB

Recently I was shocked to learn that a survey of photographers which tool place last year through a leading hard drive company revealed that 54% of photographers surveyed had lost work due to not backing up. Another survey concluded only 34% of photographers regularly backed up their images. If you don’t create a separate catalogue of your photography, and you computer or laptop crashes or your memory corrupts – you will only have yourself to blame. Clients images will be lost and you end up either having to reshoot the job, or end up compensating your client. Your should make backing up your photoshoots part of your routine. If you are a busy photographer like myself, you will upload your images regularly, so backing up your images should become a regular habit. Whether backing up on location, working in the studio, or processing and retouching your images, there are a range of solutions that will help you to back up your files and ensure you have peace of mind. Calumet have a large range of backing up solutions, including 10% OFF G-Tech Drives until midnight Tuesday 26th May 2015. There are solutions for every budget and a portable hard drive is the easiest way to backup your photography.

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