Canon EOS 7D Mark II Quick Test

The recently upgraded Canon EOS 7D Mark II is quite simply a fantastic camera, now with benefits such a face detection auto focus in video/live view and weather sealing similar to the flagship Canon EOS 1D X it’s hard to imagine a better camera companion.


Using any of the L series lenses with face detection enabled, I found the active tracking while recording video/ live view shooting moving subjects was consistently accurate. The lens I chose for this test was the 24-105mm L with IS and discovered that the 1.6 crop sensor combined with this lens was very useful. Once a firm favourite in my kit bag, the 24-105mm with this camera would be a great combination for many photographers undertaking wedding and event work.

With “clean out” enabled in-camera you can now send your video capture direct to an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja Blade. However the improved 4.2.2 codec is likely to be more than enough for many starting their video journey combined with the .mp4 and .mov options.


To sum up this camera it is very flexible, has great features and fantastic ISO quality. For me, day in day out the Canon EOS 7D II is the perfect complement to either an EOS 1D X or a 5D Mark III.

The 7D Mark II gives you options the full frame cameras don’t, and that is what excites me.

Jason Harry
Professional Photographer

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