Welcome to Calumet Photographic Blog

Rory Lewis PhotographerWelcome to Calumet Photographic’s exciting new blog. I am Rory Lewis, professional portrait photographer, and will be leading the blog, giving you the latest on equipment and techniques from my upcoming shoots.

I have been involved in the field of professional photography for over ten years, specialising in the domain of portraiture / studio photography. My vast experience has enabled me to work with a wealth of high profile clients; from News International and The Guardian to John Lewis Partnership (UK).

My recent ´Northerners´ Photography Exhibition has seen me capture some of the finest acting talents from the British stage and screen. From Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen to Sir Derek Jacobi, and many more in-between. The exposition has come to fruition for me as of recent, with our National Portrait Gallery in London acquiring some of my images for their future display. I am also looking forward to capturing several more acclaimed ´sitters´ as my portfolio continues to grow in popularity, and range.

Rory Lewis PhotographerThroughout the coming months, I will be partnering closely with Calumet and their wealth of professional equipment, with a purpose of testing, writing practical reviews and providing tuition, tips, and ´hands-on´ experience with the latest kit.

This opportunity provides me with much enthusiasm, and I look forward to being your mentor, within the Calumet community both on and offline.

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